Washing face is a fundamental
to get beautiful skin!

1First of all, mixing with cleansing ingredients and moisturizing ingredients and make the base of soap.

Get special cleansing and moisturizing ingredients etc. into the blender! whir whir We care about the timing of blend and temperature etc.and mix up the components which is goanna be base of soap. Check the components of the soap base and adjust it if necessary.

2The final process of mixture is to get in high grade pure liquid collagen “Tenshi no RaRa” .

Mixing up plenty of high quality collagen !


This is Eminet quality dealing in collagen
“Tenshi no RaRa”.

“Tenshi no RaRa” is high grade pure liquid collagen extracted by our special manufacturing method and it contains the unique collagen combination called a triple helix structure.
“Tenshi no RaRa soap” containing plenty of that collagen is intensely hydrating. You can wash your face with cleansing ingredients which is gentle to skin and moisturize the skin.
An ideal skin-care soap boosts the beauty of bare skin. You can moisturize your face while washing your face.

Collagen is the key to comfortable use and the finish!! It is important to take a good balance with “cleansing” and “moisturizing” at face-wash because face-wash could be kind of skin irritation while becoming fundamental skin care which helps speed up the metabolism. And creamy, soft and springy leather of “Tenshi no RaRa soap” is highly affected by the collagen combination.

3Analyze the component ratio and so on with samples and confirm the right amount.

This examination is the point! We check precisely if the ratio is right or not as Tenshi no RaRa soap by scaling the weight of evaporated soap.


Soap is some kind of creature!?
Check carefully as blending!!

There are many kinds of cleansing, moisturizing ingredients and it’s gonna be totally different finish by the timing and balance of mixture.
Tenshi no RaRa soap is the best soap we tried and tried over times.
We check carefully the manufacture lines to deliver the safe and high quality product.

We need a subtle adjustment under the season or weather etc. even though mixing the same amount of ingredients at the same timing.

4Done the check and pour iquid soap to the mold.

Done the check and pour iquid soap to the mold. Keep it for a night at the room managed temperature and humidity to be solid.

5Keep it for a night at the room managed temperature and humidity to be solid.


6Once the soap is kind of hardened, it is removed from the mold and cut into round slices.

can last over a year with this one for face-wash… The freshly made soap is thick and not clear. The process of aging is now the important part! The soap is becoming one as you see.


Needs lots of work and time but …

The features of framed soap

  • The process of manufacturing is almost all by hands.
  • Taking long period of time to be done
  • Not only cleansing ingredients but be able to contain moisturizing ingredients by 40~50%
  • An excellent after-feel and be able to adjust cleansing quality by components

The features of milled soap

  • Can be all manufactured by machine-assisted technology
  • Can be made within a short period of time and low cost
  • Containing 90~95% cleansing ingredients
  • Easy to whip and strong cleansing

We manufacture framed soap to blend rich of moisturizing ingredients for the skin! Besides, Tenshi no RaRa soap is upgraded more with long term of aging!!

7The sliced soap leaves evenly in a dark cool room …

Deal with it gently as it is fragile ♥ Now get the aging started!!

8Long period of the aging about for 2 moths.

O.K. let’s get into the aging room! I’m gonna see the aging soap we usually can’t see it. It’s cloudy at first. Getting dented in the middle of the soap and getting clear. Getting dented and dented in the middle.Let me introduce the soap gradually
aging and changing♪

The soap just after slice is really unclear! Just after slice
Aging 15 days
Getting dented on the surface and the side Aging 30 days
Aging 45 days
Aging 60 days
You can see the soap getting clear compared to the first aged soap.

9Aging with moisture about for 2 weeks covered by a plastic sheet.

This is the point! This process homogenize the component in the soap and the soap gets stable maintaining the highest quality till the end.


The soap is changing little by little over great amount of time

The molded, sliced soap get into the essential process “period of aging.”The soap lie down at the chamber managed the temperature and humidity and we just wait and wait ……this process make up the quality of Tenshi no RaRa soap.The soap is changing into the high grade aged soap by volatilizing (evaporating) excess water and alcohol during this period and only essential components stay well.

We tried using the soap still aging at the office. I wonder if there is an obvious difference but surprised!! It’s totally different lathering and after-feeling. I was shocked about the effect of aging.I don’t feel lather of the soap still aging is rich springy lather compared to aged one. I don’t feel fresh finish like still leaving lather on my face … It’s really surprising how different it is from aged one.

10After the aging with moisture, washing the soap for 30 seconds with warm water to soften the surface of the soap.


11Polishing the surface roughly

Take a first polish preciously one by one while inspecting. Squeaky

12Molding a shape of the soap with a special tooling.

Press it with 50kg pressure! Almost RaRa soap!


A brand mark of Tenshi no RaRa


The brand mark curved on the soap is shaped a fish which is the raw material of “Tenshi no RaRa” contained in the soap. This mark contains the will that we deliver with confidence to our special costumers and the responsibility for our own products.

13Leave it for a day at room temperature

Lay down the molded soap in a stable condition

14The main polish by experts

The main polish is quite tough work as it requires delicate strength and skills. That’s highly sensitive work. This is Japan quality!Even the way to hold soap is also needed to pay great attention to. It’s impossible for me - amateurs.


Polish one by one all by hands

Even though it requires rather power for the polish process,only women are in charge through all this process because it also requires delicate and sensitive work.
Polish up to the glowing soap shining like collagen-colored while inspecting.
This is the expert skills. It requires long training to do the same.
It may be the reason why users of this soap become more beautiful that this soap is not just soap but with love and soul, never happens with something made by machines♪ You must check this handmade quality manufactured by the experts before starting to use it♪

The soap after aging with moisture gets into the phase 14 Before the wash
Even with the rough polishing of 11, a little gloss and transparency has already come out. Rough polish
After pressing 12, the soap widens slightly and becomes shinny and beautiful Tenshi no RaRa soap with main polish 14. main polish

15Packaging and inspection

Rigorous manufacturing management as 10% of products don’t pass the inspections in the end. Final inspection never misses just a tiny flaw

16Only the soap passing the final inspection gets into a outer box and ready to sell.

Finally, packing the soap which only passed the final inspection with wrapped and sealed.