Born from high-purity collagen Tenshi no RaRa Collagen Soap Skincare Cosmetics

Wash&Moisturize Realized at the same time.

Recommended for such people

  • Worried about the tension after washing your face.

  • Worried about dull skin.

  • Worried about pores.

  • People who want a clean wash and moisture.

Tenshi no RaRa Soap makes your bare skin moisturized. Fine foam reaches deep into the pores and cleans sebum and old keratin. Protects moisture with high Moisturize effect of high-purity collagen.

Is your skindry due to your face wash? Dry skin after face washing is the most dangerous!

When you wash your face, sebum disappears. The moisture of the skin fades away.

The important thing about facial washing is... Wash deep into the pores.&Moisturize after face washing. You can do both at the same time!

3notable points!

1 Aged rich foam Foam quality is more important than foaming.

Aging for 75 days is
the secret of the foam.

This aging takes a long time to volatilize excess water and stabilize only the necessary ingredients.
This creates a fine bubble that removes dirt to the depths of the pores.

Image Image
Before aging After aging

The fully aged soap can be used until the last piece without swelling during use.

2 Plenty of beauty ingredients Contains plenty of high-purity collagen Tenshi no RaRa.

Special manufacturing method without drying

In order to maximize the beauty ingredients including Tenshi no RaRa, we adopt Framed Soap Manufacturing, which takes time and effort.
The craftsmen are making politely and carefully at domestic factories.
Soap that brings out the moisturizing power of Tenshi no RaRa and can be moisturized while washing.

About 40-50% beauty ingredients Tenshi no RaRa Soap of Framed Soap Manufacturing About 2% beauty ingredients Other soap of Milled Soap Manufacturing

3 Not used petroleum synthetic surfactant That is why it is  solid soap.

Solid soap is a skin-friendly cleansing ingredient.

The cleansing component of this soap is a soap base with natural fats and oils that is characteristic of solid soap.
Decomposed by rinsing with water, it is a component that is friendly to humans and the environment.

Tenshi no RaRa is manufactured in Japan

Soap for bare skin is all hand-made
by skilled craftsmen.

It is not just ingredients that are particular about “skin care by cleansing the face”.
Although it takes time and effort, it is carefully manufactured at factories in Japan to maintain high quality as a skin care soap.

Recommended usage

Recommended usage

The time to wash your face should
be about 1 minute

  • First,
    wash the sebaceous T zone and around the nose with lots of foam.

  • Wash the entire face in a circular motion.
    Be careful not to hurt your skin with your fingers.

  • Rinse with lukewarm water at least 20 times so that foam at the hairline and faceline is thoroughly removed.

  • After washing your face,
    dry off your face gently like patting with a towel.