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Delicious collagen life!

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with Tenshi no RaRa

Our body is made with food we take every day.
Collagen “Tenshi no RaRa” is also an important nutrient that makes our bodies.
“Tenshi no RaRa” has no added fragrance, coloring or preservative.
It is high purity liquid collagen with almost no taste or smell, so you can mix it with anything.

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collagen lifewith Tenshi no RaRa

Collagen recipecollection


“Tenshi no RaRa”your drink
will be special!

“Tenshi no RaRa” is a liquid type collagen that is easy to add to anything.
Additive-free and has almost no taste or smell, so it doesn't disturb the taste of your usual drink.
This is RaRa's greatest strength!※Please use up the sachet immediately after opening


Use it for cookingEasy
collagen dishes

Collagen “Tenshi no RaRa” extracted from fish scales can be heated, so you can mix it when cooking hot dishes and use it in addition to various dishes!
And “Tenshi no RaRa” is only 4.9 kcal per bag and has zero fat, so you don't have to worry about taking too many calories.※Please use up the sachet immediately after opening


Tenshi no RaRa Q&A

We will answer your questions♪


Is it OK to heat?


It's OK!
The ingredients contained in “Tenshi no RaRa” are not affected by temperature,
You can use it with confidence in heated dishes.


Is it OK to drink a lot?


It's OK!
If you forget to drink it, we recommend that you drink 2-3 bags together.
You can use a lot for cooking at once.
※“Tenshi no RaRa” has passed the overdose test(3 bags a day).


Is it OK for children
and men to drink?


It's OK!
Collagen is a necessary ingredient for all men and women of all ages.
In addition to cooking, please use the “Tenshi no RaRa” for the beauty and health of the whole family.


Can I mix it with anything?


It can be mixed with anything hot, cold or alcohol.
But, when mixed with black tea or green tea, collagen may react with catechins and become cloudy. However, there is nothing wrong with the quality,
so please drink with confidence.


Is it OK to drink it directly?


You can drink it directly, but “Tenshi no RaRa” is an additive-free collagen, so please mix it with your favorite drink or food.
It is also recommended that you take it with vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen.
※ “Tenshi no RaRa” is free of fragrances, colorings and preservatives.


How is “Tenshi no RaRa” stored
and how long will it expire after opening?


“Tenshi no RaRa” can be stored at room temprature.
However, please store it away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
And the expiration date is about one year before opening.
Preservatives are not included, so please use it immediately after opening.