Pure Liquid Collagen Drink

“ Tenshi no RaRa”

Made in Japan

“Tenshi no RaRa” is a collagen drink made from the selected high-quality fish
scales and contains the original structure of collagen by our unique
manufacturing method.
Because “Tenshi no RaRa” is liquid collagen with no flavors, colorings and
preservatives, you can take easily mixing with any drinks and food you like.

"天使 = Tenshi"
means angel.
So "Tenshi no RaRa"
means "RaRa of angel".

What is collagen?

In our bodies, proteins are the second most common after water.
About 30% of the protein is made of “collagen” which is essential
for making beautiful skin.
The etymology of the proteins mainly containing collagen is
“proteios” in Greek.
This means “The first thing to primary”.

Knowledge of Collagen
Let's learn about Collagen!

You can use
“Tenshi no RaRa”
on an everyday
life like this!

It’s OK for
cold drinks

Easy to mix up since “RaRa” is in liquid form.
You’ll enjoy it even with cold drinks.

It’s OK for
hot drinks

Heating has no effects on ingredients.
So you can mix it with hot drinks.

※If you pour “RaRa” to drinks like teas or red wines
containing a large amount of catechin and other polyphenol elements, it may turn cloudy white.
This does not affect product quality.
※Please use up the sachet immediately after opening.

Enjoy it with cooking

Collagen is really important and essential not only for women with high beauty
awareness but also men.
Food with “RaRa” for the beauty and health in your family members.

“RaRa” is easy to
drink and use!
So you can feel
free to keep on.

"Tenshi no RaRa"
Selected collagen quality

Faint Golden Liquid
Made from Scales of
Fish Shines Like a Pearl

“Tenshi no RaRa” is
fish collagen made from fish scales.

The raw material of "RaRa" is fish scales. We use only the scales of
Izumidai (Tilapia) that live in the South China Sea surrounded by beautiful
nature.We carefully identify the size, thickness, and presence / absence of
defects according to the strict selection criteria of domestic factories.

High grade pure liquid collagen with our unique technology for extraction and purification.

Our collagen extracted and refined by taking a lot of work and time is clear faint gold color.
Unique odors and tastes of fish collagen are removed by our original extraction and purification technology.

“Tenshi no RaRa” is
natural true

Pursuit for the safety with international
standards of quality management

MANGA Tenshi no RaRa

MANGA Tenshi no RaRa

MANGA Tenshi no RaRa

Pure Liquid Collagen Drink

「Tenshi no RaRa」

We Eminet do our very best to produce
「Tenshi no RaRa」of high quality.