What is

Basic Knowledge of Collagen

Do you know collagen?
Someone may have heard or used it.
Do you know it is good for your skin?

We have been studying collagen for over 20years.
Here on, we will carefully explain what collagen is
and how important it is to the human body.

Let's use it well knowing the features
and effects of collagen.

Where is the collagen
in the body?

Bone / Joint

The amount of collagen
in the body

Protein is the second component after water
in human body. And, 30% of the protein is collagen.

How does collagen
work in the body?

Collagen retains the body's moisture and prevents it from drying out.
It is flexible and stretchable, giving the skin firmness and elasticity, and giving
blood vessels and muscles flexibility and toughness.

Skin without wrinkles or sagging


Did you know that as we age, the amount of Collagen in our body starts decreasing!

In addition, smoking, drinking alcohol, ultraviolet rays, disorder of eating habits, etc.
will continue to decrease collagen.

What will

Due to the decrease in collagen, the lubrication and elasticity that have been maintained are lost,
and the entire body begins to age.

Especially for skin that
contains a lot of collagen,
collagen loss results in loss of skin elasticity, causing
wrinkles and
sagging and
increasing skin age.

Bone / Joint

Such a difference

in moisture with collagen!

What should
you do?

Supplements are
recommended for
collagen intake.

Typical foods that contain
collagen are chicken wings,
shark fins, and eels,

but they are not easy to

We recommend collagen
supplements that can be easily
consumed every day.

Collagen intake as usual!
It ’s important to remember
and drink every day.

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