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Pure Liquid
Collagen Drink
"Tenshi no RaRa"

Raw material name:collagen peptide derived from fish scale
Collagen content:1,000mg


2,052 JPY

「Tenshi no RaRa」

With mildly acidic amino acid based cleansing ingredients 
which is gentle on your skin.


2,420 JPY

「Tenshi no RaRa」
First Serum

The booster serum contained high-purity collagen, it makes any skin care products work better and faster.


5,170 JPY

「Tenshi no RaRa」
Moisture Gel Ⅱ

All you need is just this one bottle!!
Providing 5 functions in one: Skin lotion, Milky lotion, Beauty essence, Moisture cream, Skin care pack.


6,270 JPY

Hari Shampoo

A non-silicon shampoo with a rich blend of naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients improving the scalp condition.


3,410 JPY

Hari Conditioner

Specially formulated 23 naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients repairing damaged hair with the heat of a hair dryer and giving a soft, silky smooth finish.


3,630 JPY

Caution :
We do not accept international shipping orders.

We from Tottori in Japan,
offer wonderful special products only
we can make up.


“Tenshi no RaRa” was born in Tottori, Japan, surrounded by rich nature.
Tottori, where “Tenshi no RaRa” originated, is surrounded by the Sea of Japan in the north and the Chugoku Mountains in the south.
We appreciate nature and provide beauty and health products that make use of the power of nature to customers nationwide.

Company NameEminet Co., Ltd.
Head Office5-14-21 Kamifukubara Yonago-city,Tottori 683-0004 Japan
Tel / Fax+81-859-33-2841 / +81-859-33-2225
Office hoursAM9:00~PM8:00 (Except Sunday & a national holiday)
President and CEOYukio Uchida
Principal businessWe are delivering a variety of goods including pure liquid collagen drink "Tenshi no RaRa" to our customers nationwide by mail order. "Tenshi no RaRa" has sold 190 million bags so far,and drinkers exceeded 630,000 people. As more patrons of "Tenshi no RaRa" are increasing, sales of "Tenshi no RaRa" - containing cosmetics series and hair care series are on sale. We strive to create products to be healthy and beautiful.

Pure Liquid Collagen Drink

「Tenshi no RaRa」

We Eminet do our very best to produce
「Tenshi no RaRa」of high quality.