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We, Eminet Co., Ltd. develop and sell products that are useful for health and beauty,
including high-purity liquid fish collagen “Tenshi no RaRa”.
On this page, we will introduce our corporate stance and service contents to customers
who use Eminet's service for the first time.

Company Profile

  • Company Name

    Eminet Co., Ltd.

  • Head Office

    5-14-21 Kamifukubara Yonago-city,
    Tottori 683-0004 Japan

  • Tel / Fax

    +81-859-33-2841 / +81-859-33-2225

  • Office hours

    (Except Sunday & a national holiday)

  • President and CEO

    Yukio Uchida

Principal business

We are delivering a variety of goods including high-purity liquid fish collagen "Tenshi no RaRa" to our customers nationwide by mail order. "Tenshi no RaRa" has sold 5.6 million boxes so far,and drinkers exceeded 540,000 people. As more patrons of "Tenshi no RaRa" are increasing, sales of "Tenshi no RaRa" - containing cosmetics series and hair care series are on sale. We strive to create products to be healthy and beautiful.

We learn from the sea.
This is our starting point.

One of the greatest mountains in West Japan Mt.Daisen. It has been revered as a holy mountain. The rain and snow have seeped down into the underground and sprung out as subterranean water after a few million years later to support our lives. Yonago, Tottori which is located by the Sea of Japan and the bottom of Mt.Daisen (a.k.a.Hokifuji). Eminet in Yonago with blessing of nature would like to provide product made from natural ingredients. We thanks to the nature and do our best to make more people happy and smile.

Continuous Daisen subterranean water grows trees and the stream of spring water make the air clean.It creates all lives.

The Sea of Japan with plenty of marine resources. Brackish lake, Nakaumi which are selected as the place for winter of birds of passage Ramsar Convention. It is the biggest of West Japan.


  • High quality Pure Collagen
    「Tenshi no RaRa」


    5,184 JPY

  • 「Tenshi no RaRa」 Soap


    2,514 JPY

  • 「Tenshi no RaRa」 First Serum


    4,950 JPY

  • 「Tenshi no RaRa」 Moisture Gel Ⅱ


    6,076 JPY

  • Hari Shampoo


    3,300 JPY

  • Hari Conditioner


    3,520 JPY

Caution : We do not deliver to overseas.

High quality Pure Collagen
「Tenshi no RaRa」

We Eminet do our very best to produce
「Tenshi no RaRa」of high quality.

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September 25-26, 2019
“Tenshi no RaRa” from Eminet co., ltd got interviewed by “NutraIngredients‐Asia.com” at Asia's No.1 nutraceutical event 『Vitafoods Asia 2019』 held in Singapore.
“NutraIngredients‐Asia.com” is a prestigious web-brand providing the leading online news source for the health/nutrition industries and the supplement industry in Asia-Pacific. Eminet got interviewed about skin benefits of its first clinical trial on liquid fish collagen “Tenshi no RaRa” and the article appeared on the site.

NUTRA ingredients-asia「Collagen claim: Eminet details skin benefits of its first clinical trial on liquid fish collagen」

A lot of people has experienced
fantastic collagen quality of 「天使のララ」

  • Take and Apply to skins

    You can apply 「Tenshi no RaRa」 to your skins as well as to take. This is very remarkable.

  • Low calorie Only 4.9kcal per sachet

    You can take fish collagen of high purity that is only 4.9kcal per 1,000mg.

  • We pack fresh collagen into sachets

    We pack fresh liquid fish collagen into sachets. A sachet is for one dose. And it is very easy to carry with.

  • Our own Japan’s
    high level unique method to
    produce collagen of high purity.

    We made it come true to produce collagen of high purity by special filtration.

  • Additive-free pure fish collagen

    We don’t add any additive. We only use fish of high quality.
    ※No perfume, coloration, preservative.

  • You can take it with something else.

    You can add it to your favourite drinks or cooking. It does not change their taste and the smell.

For safe and high quality product

We Eminet think that #1 Exhaustive study and knowledge of ingredients, #2 Actual proof of our products, #3 Quality checks to make sure to provide high quality and safe products are very important to produce excellent products witch are made from natural ingredients. It also improves human’s original healing power.

We pay close attention to #1 ingredients selection, #2 product development, #3 production, #4 marketing. From the beginning of production until our customers receive our products. We believe that our products are excellent because we collaborate with other organs such as public laboratory to get higher technologies and knowledge.